My impression on this Sueda project so far!

With these mobilities I discovered a new world of different cultures and ways of teaching.

In Belgium we seem to live in a very strict and structured way.  An appointement that is made has to be fulfilled , whether it is at work or at the hairdressers or  in social life… an appointement has to be kept! That is one of the problems with some partners – not everybody seems to carry the same watch…

But this project has brought us a whole new world of ideas to use in our lace school. No need to restrict lace to the old traditional way using cotton, flax or silk.  We can combine with different materials as wood, metal, glass and so on. We can work in other threads as metal or plastic…

And of course there are the personal contacts…  it is always nice to meet other cultures in person,  to learn about their way of living.

At this moment we are in Sweden and the students gave us a tour of the school.  For me this is a perfect way to appreciate them…  You see them in their own world, so to say their habitat and they are proud and very open in their explanations! A real pleasure to experience!


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