Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University

Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University


After the Project was approved, an introduction meeting has been held in the school for the purpose of promoting the Project and students, academicians and sector representatives which are in cooperation with our school has taken part in this seminar.

A poster has been prepared in connection with the Project and its re-prints have been sent to different universities which are located in the Province of Istanbul and organizations interested in the subject such as ÇEKÜL and the Association for Preservation and Maintenance of Cultural Heritage in addition to our own university.


A text containing information about the acceptance and contents of the Project has been published in the section, Public Announcements, on the web page of our university. Thus, the fact that efforts are under way to keep alive the handicrafts, “Tel Kırma” and “Yazmacılık” (Block Printing), which are part of our traditional handicrafts to be included in the scope of the work within the project, is communicated while relevant entities and persons are kept informed of Project works through local press in the Cities of Bartın and Tokat.


The 1st Project Meeting was in Istanbul-TR on October 8 – 12 2013,  in our position as the host institute. During the project our teachers participated in meeting on February 08-12 2013 in Malta, on July 01-05 2013 in UK, on September 18-22 2013 in Sweden.


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