The Gozo School of Art – Malta

The Gozo School of Art – Malta

The school is creating a prototype of different past crafts that will create a new prototype for Malta in Europe.  This includes a number of crafts assembled together by furniture making workshop.  The first step was an artist impression of the project and a detailed design of the final artifact by Auto-CAD.  These have been achieved in order to assign task to those participating in the project, so as to at the end these can be integrated to form one prototype as shown on the artist impression.  Crafts used are Woodcarving, ‘ Interzjar’, Nets for fishing pots, Pottery, Furniture making and Metal works which are crafts traditionally related to the Maltese culture.

We also introduced a course related to the project on a different aspect featuring Fabric Painting to be used in fashion design.  From Turkey we learned and put into practice a new technique how design fabric into garments, a method which saves time and is more practical for a professional result.  This course has been offered again this year and the number of participants is double that of last year.


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