Laufarija in Cerkno, Slovenija

During the SUEDA meeting in Idrija we also visited ”Laufarija” in Cerkno. It is a group of enthusiastic local people who are taking care of an important part of their heritage which are typical wood carved carnival masks. They showed to us how they are being made, some of them every year again and again because they are made with natural materials, as for example fresh leaves and moss. They were so kind and allowed us to try the costumes. My favourite one is ”Daisy”.  Partners – what about yours?

Metka Fortuna





One thought on “Laufarija in Cerkno, Slovenija

  1. well, I liked ‘Pust’: he always gets the blame… tries to escape and gets caught again… I wonder if he gets a fair trial 😉
    In a few weeks, we’ll have carneval in our village too, but the costumes will surely not be as nice and traditional as in Cerkno!

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