Lace school Artofil is a private didactical centre that opened in October 2004. Apart from a group of enthusiastic youngsters, the school yearly counts 120 adult student-lace makers.The school organises educational courses for lace making, as well as tution of lace history. Students are mainly adults looking for new opportunities in life. The aim of Artofil is to obtain a high quality level of lace makers, thus ensuring the promotion of Belgian quality laces, not only national but all over the world. As well in traditional as in modern laces Artofil is looking for the extraordinary to turn this cultural heritage into real art. The school implements history of lace making and the use of laces in past times to prove the importance of this craft in former times. Looking for new uses of lace makes this craft important for the future as well: weaving a cultural future with threads from our heritage. The traditional techniques are combined with new materials to transfer the craft into art, always using original patterns to obtain exclusive results. Lace school Artofil is involved in European projects, as well as in international, national and local social activities, contests and exhibitions.


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