Čipkarska šola Idrija ( Idrija Lace School) is an internal organizational unit of the Gimnazija Jurija Vege Idrija secondary school. Its main field of working is vocational education of bobbin lacemaking – specific local handicraft. Idrija lace school was established in 1876 and is working continuously since then. Different types of lacemaking educational programs are aimed for children, youngsters and adults. All together more than 500 students per year. Very important characteristic of vocational training in Idrija Lace School is, that  real master pieces of hand made lace are done by youngsters who dedicate their free time to traditional handcraft.

Beside providing education, the school is also active in preserving and reconstructing of old traditional hand made bobbin laces and developing of the new articles including modern designed hand made laces and new ways of the use of hand made bobbin lace today in order to keep this tradition present and alive in modern times.

The role of Idrija Lace School in the project will be to share its educational programmes with other partners, to learn from partners, to exchange knowledge and ideas with partners and to use the project benefits, especially of designing, in their own  educational programmes in the future.

Sustainable development of specific handcraft – bobbin lacemaking – which we deal with, and includes teaching of lacemaking, designing patterns for lacemaking, designing new articles including hand made laces, is the core work of  Idrija Lace School. And with the project outcomes we will improve it. Members of the project team have a lot of different international experiences. That’s why we are capable and suitable for the project activities.