Sweden – Gymnasieskolan Knut Hahn

Website: www.knuthahn.se

We are a secondary school with 13 departments which have theoretical as well as vocational education. Our school, built 1969, was renovated 2004 to a light and fresh place. We have modern facilities and are fully equipped with the latest technology.The school is situated in a small town in the southeast of Sweden and has a friendly and open athmosphere, which makes it a nice place to work in. We have quite a lot of migrants at school but no major social problems. The area has an high unemployment rate and there have been few possibilities for students to take part in international activities.Three of our departments work especially with design, in different ways. The joiner departement is based on both machine and craft methods, the art department work mainly with sketching and modelling and the technical department mainly with sketching both by hand and on the computer. We will cooporate with similar educations in Europe to get exchange of culture, educational methods and design ideas both for teachers and students. We will develop our education in this partnership and it can give our students a greater selfconfidence, knowledge and the understanding of other countries in Europe.

The focus of the school is internationalism, cooperation with local enterprises and teaching of entrepreneurship. It also offers a wide choice of languages and artistic subjects.