Turkey – Haydarpaşa Vocational/Technical Secondary School

Website:  www.haydarpasa.meb.k12.tr 

Haydarpaşa Vocational/Technical Secondary School was established in 1959 as a vocational and technical institution. There are more than 10 departments in the school. It is the biggest and most famous VET school in Turkey. It is situated center of Istanbul side of the Bosporus. It has a big campus (about 310.000 m2).More than 50 years experiences, it has long and rich traditions and a lot o famous graduates.

Students come to school all part of Istanbul even outside of Istanbul. Teachers’ and students’ motivation is very high to create and implement new things/ideas. The school is also coordinator in its region for many departments.  The school is also a life long center that means adult people come to the school to get new skills or update existing skills. The school is well-equipped with new technical equipment and renew its appliances according to technological changes. Department of wood technologies, which is subject of the project,  is one of the leading department at the school.

At the end of the each year, the school organizes an exhibition. In the exhibition, students show their products that are mainly result of their handcrafts. Especially, department of wood technology has a big stand which is open to everyone to buy product of students handcraft. Moreover, the school participates local, regional and national exhibitions and fairs regularly with products of students.